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Appearances of different lawns is subjective based on personal preferences. Artificial grass suppliers are constantly trying to improve their product to better imitate the real thing. Although they are getting close to perfecting this, some argue that you simply can’t beat the real thing. One clear advantage is that an artificial lawn will stay that perfect shade of green year round; something to consider when we have seen an increase in water restrictions throughout the summer.


Although both artificial and real grass are more than suitable to walk, play and relax on, they do have a distinct feel from one another. A key difference is that artificial turf will warm up in the sun whereas real grass will stay cool. An easy way to decide on which feel you prefer is to call us to bring over some samples of artificial grass!

Longevity & Maintenance

In theory a real grass lawn will last forever providing there is somebody around to properly maintain it. However, since a lawn is a living thing, there are factors that may affect how easily it can be looked after. For artificial lawns, our supplier guarantees the lawn for ten years. However, the reality of the situation is that the lawn will not need to be replaced for twenty years. Additionally, you will not have to worry about pesky insects or the notorious Chafer Beetle. When it comes to maintenance, artificial grass is the clear winner. No mowing, no watering, no pesticides, and completely drought resistant.

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Foot Traffic & Sunlight

If your lawn is subject to heavy foot traffic (pets, kids playing, sports etc.) then you would be better off with an artificial lawn. Furthermore, if your lawn does not get adequate sunlight (minimum 4 hours of sun), then an artificial lawn is right for you. A real grass lawn WILL NOT do well in a shady yard.


We understand that cost is often the most important factor in deciding on a new lawn. Without a doubt a real grass lawn is significantly cheaper. You can expect to pay roughly four to five times as much for an artificial lawn. However, an argument can be made that an artificial lawn can pay itself off over time if you factor in the zero maintenance cost.

Bottom Line

Choosing between an artificial and real lawn involves factoring in a few variables. If you are searching for a nice looking lawn at a budget, or simply prefer the natural feel of a traditional lawn, then real grass is the option. However, if you want a hassle free lawn that stays green year round and are able to spend a little more, then an artificial lawn is right for you.
Whichever option you choose, we are committed to helping you get that dream yard you’ve always wanted.

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